Doctor of Ministry ( DMin )

Program Philosophy

  • The program seeks to integrate “Head” or “Knowing” (biblical and theological study and reflection), “Heart” or “Being” (character and spiritual formation) and “Hand” or “Doing” (ministerial skills, practices and competency).
  • The program seeks to integrate the “Text” (Bible and Theology), “Person” (Pastor/Church Leader), and “Context” (Church and World) for ministry.
  • Other than class lectures and personal independent research, learning and writing, it encourages on-going group interaction, accountability and support among the participants.

Admission Requirements

  1. Requirement for Ministerial Experience: Upon completing their first theological degree, applicants are required to have at least five years of full-time Christian vocational ministry, such as involvement in pastoral ministry, missionary activity and/or theological education.
  2. English Language Proficiency: English Track applicants are required to have TOEFL score of at least 550 (or 220 for computer-based) or IELTS score of at least 6.
  3. Academic Requirement: Applicants for enrolment must possess a Master of Divinity or its equivalent. The Master of Ministry graduates are expected with extra academic loading; the Master of Theology graduates may be exempted for certain credit hours.
  4. Entrance GPA requirement: A GPA of 3.0 and above (on a 4.0 scale) is required. This is equivalent to a C+ using the STM scale.

Transfer of Credits

  1. A maximum of three elective courses can be fulfilled by transferring credits from other equivalent doctoral programs from institutions recognized by STM.
  2. Registration with and approval by STM must be obtained prior to taking a course(s) at other institutions where credits will be transferred.
  3. Transferring credits incurs a fee of RM200 per course.

Entrance Levels and Course Load

Modules & Credit Hours MTh Holder MDiv Holder MMin Holder
3 Core Modules 12 cr hr 12 cr hr 12 cr hr
Electives 16 cr hr
(=4 modules)
32 cr hr
(=8 modules)
40 cr hr
(=10 modules)
Research Methodology 4 cr hr 4 cr hr 4 cr hr
Modules & Credit Hours MTh Holder MDiv Holder MMin Holder
Thesis / / /
Total 32 cr hr
(8 modules)
48 cr hr
(12 modules)
56 cr hr
(14 modules)

The DMin Modules are structured as 4 credit hours each.
The students are allowed to do a maximum of three guided study for electives.
Those with qualifications other than the above stated will be evaluated accordingly.

Medium of Instruction

There are two language tracks: English and Chinese.

Duration of Study

The Program is meant to be an in-service program allowing participants to complete their studies while engaged in full-time ministry.

Entrance Part Time (Maximum Duration) Maximum Duration for Extension
Master of Theology Degree Holder 6 years 2+2 years
Master of Divinity Degree Holder 10 years 2+2 years
Master of Ministry Degree Holder 12 years 2+2 years


  • Application for extension beyond the maximum time-frame will be allowed under special circumstances.
  • Participants who are unable to complete the Program within the maximum time frame stipulated (including the extension) will be withdrawn from the Program. A person who has been withdrawn from the Program may re-apply for admission into the Program but they must start from the beginning. No transfer of credits from courses completed will be allowed.
  • While the Program is structured as a part-time in-service program, it is possible to make special arrangements for those who wish to take leave of absence from their ministry to do one year (or longer) of full-time study, especially for writing their thesis.

Three Core Modules:

  • Theology of Minister and Ministry
  • Church, World and Mission in the 21st Century
  • Advanced Biblical Hermeneutics and Homiletics

Electives in the following areas:

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Biblical & Theological Studies & Ethics
  • Worship, Liturgy, Sacraments & Preaching
  • Mission, Evangelism & Church Growth
  • Christian Leadership & Mentoring
  • Christian Education & Discipleship
  • Pastoral Care & Counselling
  • Religious Studies
  • Contemporary Issues & Marketplace Ministry
  • Behavioural & Social Sciences
  • Others

Course Work

  • one paper of 10,000 words
  • OR two papers of 5000 words each
  • OR relevant project(s) designed by the lecturer of the course
  • Deadline for submitting assignments: within six months after the course.
  • Failure to submit an assignment by the deadline will be considered as failure of the course. If it is a core course, it must be repeated again. If it is an elective course, it must be replaced by another elective.

 Independent Research & Writing

  • One elective course or a maximum of two elective courses may be done by independent research and writing under a qualified supervisor.
  • The requirements for the readings and assignments, their submission and the like should be equivalent to that of course work.

Thesis (Research) Methodology

  • The Thesis (Research) Methodology course is to be taken by all participants, except those with Master of Theology qualification (which includes a thesis component). This course should assist in the formulation of the participant’s thesis proposal, which must be submitted and approved before completing the final three courses of the Program.
  • The Thesis Proposal must be approved by both the lecturer who taught Thesis Methodology and the Office of Advanced Ministerial Studies in consultation with the potential thesis supervisor in order for the candidate to proceed with the Program.
  • The Thesis Supervisor reserves the right to review and revise the Proposal in order for the participant to proceed with the writing of the thesis.
  • Thesis Methodology is graded pass/fail only.
  • Deadline for submitting the thesis proposal: within six months after the course.


  • Average of B (3.4 on a 4.0 scale) and above is required before a student can proceed to thesis writing.
  • The thesis will be written by the candidate under the guidance of a supervisor appointed or approved by the Office of Advanced Ministerial Studies.
  • It is to be about 50,000 words (text only) with originality that is expected at doctoral level and followed the writing format stipulated by STM.
  • It will be read by two readers (normally one internal and one external) after it has been approved by the supervisor.
  • The candidate will be called to give an oral defence (viva) of the thesis after it has been approved by the readers.
  • The readers will be the examiners at the viva. The Director of Advanced Ministerial Studies or the Academic Dean of STM will act as Convener. The presence of the supervisor is recommended.
  • Re-submission of the final edited copy of the thesis will be supervised by the supervisor.
  • The Office of the Advanced Ministerial Studies reserves the right for the final approval of the thesis.
  • The thesis is graded pass/fail only.

Thesis Submission

  • The quality of work must be approved by the supervisor before it is passed to the reader for exam. Corrections may be required. When the thesis is passed by both the supervisor and the reader, the student is to submit two bound copies of the thesis to the Director of Advanced Ministerial Studies before Graduation.


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