Graduate Diploma of Christian Studies

This is a one-year graduate study programme of 30 credit hours for graduates of recognised universities, or those with equivalent qualifications.

Year 1

Semester 1
Code Core Courses Credit Hours
TR101 Critical Reading & Writing 2
BS103a OT Survey 2
BS123a NT Survey 2
CS812 Religions 2 2
PS501 Liturgy and Worship 2
GK111 Greek 1 3
FE101 Field Education/FE Seminar 1
Total Core Courses 15(14)
Electives 0(1)
Total Credit Hours 15
Semester 2
Code Core Courses Credit Hours
BI102 Exegetical Method 3
BS103b Introduction to the OT 2
BS123b Introduction to the NT 2
CS811 Religions 11 3
PS201 Christian Spirituality 2
TR111 Reading & Reasoning 2
FE101 Weekly Field Education 1
Total Core Courses 15
Electives 0
Total Credit Hours 15

1 Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian and Lutheran students are required to take Denominational Studies as a core course. Students who are not from the above denominations may take it as an elective.

Academic Load (Breakdown)

Duration 1 year
Credit Hours
Core 27
Electives 1
Field Education
Weekly FE 2
Year-End FE 0
Total No. of Credit Hours 30

Students can proceed to the MCS/MDiv programme with adjustment, additional studies and a thesis.