Introduction And History

STM came into existence as a joint Anglican, Evangelical Lutheran and Methodist venture on the 6 January 1979. For Anglicans and Evangelical Lutherans this marked a further stage in their co-operation in theological education in Malaysia, which had earlier included the Christian Training Centre and Kolej Theoloji Malaysia. Since then, we still holding onto our vision and is thankful to for the many contributions people have made towards the growth and development of STM.

The journey of STM began at the ELCM premises at Brickfields (1979-April 1983). Since then, we have moved to the Methodist High School premise in Sentul (June 1983-1991) and from Sentul, we moved to Xavier Hall in Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya (1992-1997). For nearly twenty years, STM was nomadic. Finally, in 1998 we shifted to our permanent campus at Seremban in time for the new academic year.

During our short history the total number of graduands has exceeded 700 and they are serving in different parts of Malaysia and beyond. Our faculty has increased in qualifications and experience, and we are glad to see that the supporting churches are taking steps to prepare suitably qualified ministers for teaching in the seminary.

Our founding fathers, the late Bishop Emeritus C.N. Fang, the late Bishop E.B. Muthusami and the late Bishop Tan Sri J.G. Savarimuthu, together with the first principal, the Rev Dr Denis C. Dutton (now Bishop Emeritus of the Methodist Church of Malaysia and also a Datuk) have left an indeligible impact on STM. The accreditation of the seminary by the Association for Theological Education in South East Asia (ATESEA) in 1984 was an important milestone. In 2010 we achieve another milestone; we were invited by ATESEA to serve as one of the Centers for Theological Excellence (CTE) to offer Doctor of Theology program.

We are committed to give our best; our curriculum is reviewed frequently, lectures and assignments are brought into a corresponding balance, quality of field education experience and community life is improved continually, and our library resources are expanded perpetually. We also consolidated our administrative procedures and enlisted the basic facilities required by the seminary community.



  1. 只有一位真神,祂永存为圣父、圣子、圣灵。祂是创造主,救赎主和万有的维护者;祂的爱是完美的。
  2. 神已藉著祂的爱子,我们的主耶稣基督——永生之道,向我们显示了祂自己。祂也透过自己所默示的新旧约圣经,即那书写之道——信仰和行为的最高权威,让我们认识祂。
  3. 我们受造为要与神相交,但因着不顺服,我们成了祂眼中的罪人,与神、自己、他人和大自然隔绝。
  4. 耶稣基督是道成肉身的神子,为童女马利亚所生,在世过着无罪和舍己的生活,且为我们的罪,成为完美的祭物,死在十字架上。藉此,祂显明了神的爱,将我们从罪恶和死亡的权势中释放出来,与神和好。
  5. 我们称义是靠著神的恩典,藉著相信基督,即那位为我们受死,并且神叫祂从死里复活的耶稣。
  6. 圣灵引导我们认罪悔改和信靠基督。祂住在我们里面,使我们在神的知识和爱心上成长,并赐给我们力量来完成使命。为此,祂在恩典中赐于每一位信徒所需要的恩赐。
  7. 教会——基督的身体源于神。祂从万邦万族中呼召祂子民来回应祂、敬拜祂,跟随基督,并且藉着向列邦宣扬福音来服侍祂。教会透过圣言和圣礼,以及教牧关怀得到培育。在一个多元社会中,基督徒也被蒙召与善意人士合作,争取社会公义,救援在患难中的人。在神子民的整体事工中,平信徒和圣职人员虽然角色不同,但功能却相辅相成。
  8. 教会的元首耶稣基督呼召我们在爱中生活。基督徒不但需要追求属灵上的合一,也要有具体的生活表现,好叫世人可以因此相信基督。
  9. 耶稣基督将要再来,成为世界的主,施行审判,并且完全彰显祂对万物的统治权。






  • 训练牧者和教会同工,以满足教会日益增长的需求。
  • 装备信徒更有果效地作见证及事奉。
  • 提供综合灵命塑造、学术卓越及事工技能三方面的训练。
  • 提供处境化和切实性的神学教育。
  • 发展一个研究中心以回应马来西亚教会所面对的各种议题。


As of October 1984, the seminary has been accredited by the Association for Theological Education in South East Asia (ATESEA) to grant the Bachelor of Theology, the Bachelor of Divinity, and the Master of Divinity degrees. In November 1994, we were accepted as a participating school of the South East Asia Graduate School of Theology (SEAGST) which also offers the Master of Theology degree. In 2010, STM is also a member of the ATESEA Theological Union (ATU) which offers the Doctor of Theology degree. In 2012, the Master of Theology degree is also accredited by ATESEA. This means that degrees granted by the seminary have international acceptance.